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Nepal's Job Portal –– is an efficient one-stop destination for employers and jobseekers to connect and network within Nepalease job market. Whether you are a salesperson, accountant, engineer or a discerning recruiter searching for the right candidate, this is the ideal place to start or continue towards a rewarding career. is produced and managed by Omni Business Corporate International Pvt. Ltd., Nepal's one of leading ICT Services provider.Looking for a job is no longer a time-consuming task. Get online, register for a free account, post up your resume and get ready to surf through job listings in your specific field of expertise.

Maintain multiple resumes and cover letters; view, edit, duplicate and send resumes; mark resumes as searchable or confidential; advance search and save results; search for jobs based on keywords, categories and locations.; apply for jobs online in real time; view company profiles; keep track of jobs applied; and define specific mail alerts for certain applications.

For employers, recharge your recruitment process! What was once a long and tedious process can now be a hassle-free, organized and efficient undertaking. Be able to post multiple job offers; edit or remove offers; feature positions; keep track and remove applications; post a logo for premium employer listings; and activate the search resume facility. So please browse through our many features and categories to find exactly what you’re looking for and get ready to start an exciting new job!

If you would like to contribute a new category or inquire about advertising, please contact us via the contact page. Good luck and happy job hunting.

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